* Improves coat & skin condition
* Rich in essential Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids
* Improves body conditioning
* Safe weight gain
* Improves immune and digestive systems
* High source of natural vitamin E
* Faster recovery time for performance horses
* Helps promote even-tempered behavior
* Excellent energy and stamina source
* Increase milk content in lactating mares
* Naturally processed-chemical free
* Reduce daily grain intake
* Reduce the risk of colic
* Saves you money
Soy-Natural-E has many benefits to help improve your horse's health and nutrition.
Soy-Natural-E takes pride in offering a quality product to our
customers that has many health benefits for your horse. We
don't just sell it, we use it. We have seen significant results
in the overall appearance of our horses and their
Our success is because of you! We appreciate your business.
Please share with us any comments or questions you may have.
We can only improve with the help of your input.

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After much thought, we have decided to shut down our Soy-Natural-E
feed supplement business. Things are fine; lots of life changes have
guided us to this decision. We would like to thank the many customers
and friends we have gained over the years. We wish you all many
happy times with your equine friends!

Happy trails,
Tim & Jen